Wag The Tail-Chicago

where happiness is measured in wagging tails


Our singular focus - is the care of your pet

We have been walking dogs on the North Side since 2010.
We have done over 30,000 individual dog walks.
We are proud to maintain a perfect safety record.
All daily operations are handled by the owner; Ken.  He is committed to providing a superior experience. 

(Who cares more than the business founder?)

Caring and highly trained dog walkers
All dog walkers go through extensive training and are evaluated every 6 months.
All dog walkers are bonded and insured.
All of our dog walkers have been walking dogs for over 2 years.

Personalized Care
All care is personalized to your dog’s individual needs.
We realize that all dogs have unique personalities, which is why we keep personalized care records for each dog.
All dogs are walked individually unless they have a sibling or buddy nearby they would like to hang out with and is only done with the approval of you, the client.
Our walkers reinforce general obedience commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “come”, and “heel.”

All client information is kept in a secure password protected database.
All keys are kept in a locked storage cabinet when not in use.
Client information is never stored with the keys.