In March 2015, a partnership was developed that links Dog Dayz Chicago with Wag The Tail-Chicago.

The owners of both of these companies - Ken and Sandy - will provide coverage for each other in the event of: 

    - family emergencies

    - vacation

    - sick leave

To learn more about us, please see Our Team page.

~Ken owner

   and dog walker

As owner and operator, I've been an animal lover all of my life.  I have over 5 years professional experience with animals.  I've worked with PAWS Chicago, as a volunteer, to help rehabilitate, socialize, and re-home breeds that have been abused and/or neglected by their owners.

My love of animals and my loving nature toward them brought me to create Wag The Tail-Chicago.

I wanted to build a business where the animals were more comfortable and cared for, while their owners were away.

I also wanted to create a higher standard and quality of pet service by keeping our client base small and having a thorough hiring process.  I could never see myself working without these amazing animals and I'm honored to meet and work with every single one.

It's my great pleasure to be able to help people and their pets - one step at a time.  I look forward to meeting you and your furry family member(s).

At Wag The Tail-Chicago, we are committed to honest, exceptional, and affordable care for pets big and small.  We are here to help your furry family members by bestowing comfort during the time you are away.  We provide all our services with love, care, and personalized attention.  We strive to keep you and your pet(s) happy!

Dog Walking Business

Wag The Tail-Chicago

where happiness is measured in wagging tails