Wag The Tail-Chicago

where happiness is measured in wagging tails


Our History


I started as a part-time dog walker for Dog's Life Chicago, as I was laid off from working in the IT industry during the Great Recession.


Terra's Dog Walking was founded, as an outgrowth from Dog's Life Chicago, where I continued to served as a part-time dog walker and co-owner/partner in the company.  I provided back up to Terra.  


Upon Terra's graduation from college and procuring employment in her field of study, on February 7, 2014, I received sole ownership and day to day operations of the business.  Wag The Tail-Chicago then became the new name of the company.  I was able to retain Terra as our over-night pet sitter, for our clients (current and future) who need someone to stay at their home and keep care of their furry family member.


In March, I formed a joint partnership with Dog Dayz Chicago.  Since both companies are sole-owner executed, it affords us some depth, in providing coverage for each other's clients, when we need vacation and / or sick time.